Is Sports Arbitrage betting is also known as a sure bet?

The answer is somewhat yes. The ‘arbitrage’ secures a risk-free profit by doing the capitalization of the price disparity in various markets. And “Sure bet” is a betting which is made on all the different possible outcomes of an event, in order to take the advantage of the difference between bookie odds. It is sometimes also known as miracle bets, or sports arbitrage betting, as the arbers (the person who places arbitrage) make a risk free investment with different bookies in the difference in the odds for any single event. Thus, Arbitrage betting is somewhat also known as a sure bet.

Sure betting is 100% legal as well as tax free in the UK. Anyone, whose age is 18 years or more, can engage in sure bets. In general, one can make at least make a 10% profit, by placing sure bets on a sports event, with different bookmakers or websites. Due to its gaining popularity, more and more companies and websites are competing with each other; and thus the greater is the chance to make a profit.

5 Pitfalls of online sure betting:

Sure betting always guarantees a definite profit at the conclusion of a sports event. It also enables the participants to take the complete advantage of other profitable concepts like Bonus Arbitrage and Matched Betting. But, there are always unforeseen situations which may upset your plans. Like,

1. Bookie Cancellations due to Errors- There are some sort of clause in the terms and conditions of all the bookmakers, which state that if a ‘blatant error’ is made in their odds, then they can cancel the bet any time. This creates a risk as one may lose the remaining bet.

2. Idling, or Taking Too Long To Bet- If one places one bet and takes too long time to place the second bet, then there’s a possibility one may not get the correct odds, or might miss the second bet. Missing the second bet, means one is only left with a single bet, which he might either win or lose. Thus there is also a risk.

3. Varying Bookie Rules- Different bookies have different rules to handle the outcome in case of a draw. There is a risk one bookie will proceed to act on the bet, whether to pay you your winnings or to keep your money if the bet is lost; and the other might simply return your money. Thus, you have 50-50 chance of winning and losing the bet, so it is still a risk.

4. Placing the Wrong Bet- With regard to mistake number 2, one may end up in a rush and may make a costly betting. Thus there is a possibility, to accidentally go for the wrong option and may end up with two bets having the same outcome. So, one must be always be alert of not rushing and making mistakes and be careful to double check his bets.

5. Less experience- Inexperience is considered to be the biggest risk of all because it can manifest all of the above risks. If one doesn’t fully understand the bet types, how bookmakers work, the odds, and doesn’t know how to react to an unexpected situation, he may lose money. So inexperience is indeed a great risk factor. eat results.
What is value betting?

Value betting is the bet where one believes that the chances of winning of one team are better than the strictly mathematical chance that the odds suggest. Hence, value betting (where value > 1) always gives positive payoff over time which is often found in the form of underdogs.

What is Sports Arbitrage Betting System?

‘Arbitrage’ is a financial term, and this term is taken from the stock market. The ‘arbitrage’ secures a risk-free profit by doing the capitalization of the price disparity in various markets. When it comes to sports betting, the idea is to secure profits only, whatever the outcome is. Thus the sure bets, miracle bets, or sports arbitrage betting are gaining popularity among bookmakers’ errors and assessments.

Do “Sure Bets” actually exist?

Although it sounds a bit unreal, but the fact is that the sure bets do really exist, especially in the field of sports. Sure bets are a non-risky bet, and one will always make a profit, no matter what the end result is. You will find two kinds of gamblers all over the world,
• One who sometimes is winning and sometimes is losing
• And there is another kind, who is always winning.

Thus the terms “Sure bet”, “safe bets”, and “arb bets”- are being used for the second kind of betting, and they all have the same meaning.

The arbitrage gaps are the rate gaps especially which are traded both in the US and in the UK.
Some people use this gap to make profits, and this is known as “sure bet”.

In general, betting companies always leave at least 10% profit, where the company always wins, no matter how and on what is betted. In many countries bets are considered to be legal and the more companies and websites compete with each other, the greater is the chance to make a profit. Sometimes, one can bet on all three possible outcomes in a sport i.e. win for home team or draw or win for the away team and can also make a profit out of it. But no betting website gives us the option to bet on all the three outcomes. Now we get situations where we can rather bet on the same game in three different websites. So no matter what the result is, it’s clear that we can always win. This is also called Sure bets. The word sure bet itself literally means that “the bet is surely done to win” and one can always make profit out of it, whatever the situation is.

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Sports Arbitrage Betting Systems

Like arbitrage betting or any other form of gambling, sport betting is also all about handling financial risks. There are various sporting events like basketball, baseball, soccer, horse racing, and so on where bettors involve in such kind of financial show off in a wide range. The sport events besides being a fanfare among relatives and friends, has become a business arena as well. Thus, arbitrage bettors or arbers are transforming Sports arbitrage betting and some other betting techniques into online money making system, and making Sports Arbitrage Trading a profitable venture for themselves.

The essence of sports arbitrage betting lies in the following two factors:
• Dealing with more than one bookmakers having considerable difference in betting prices, as even if one bets on all the possible outcomes from a single bookmaker, overall profit can’t be guaranteed.
• Dealing with the bookies without even alarming them about the arbitrage, as bookmakers today are actually quite aware of the possibility of the arbitrage betting and employ different methods to discourage arbers like lowering the max stake limits.
There is a website named “”, which is a very popular arbitrage betting website. Betters may place there betting here.

What are Sure Bets?

Sure bets are a non-risky bet, and one will always make a profit, no matter what the end result is. It is also known as a risk free bet, due to its nature. Now the question is how this does happen? How a person can only win regardless of the outcome, in the field of gambling?

The answer is: A sure bet appears when different bookies have different estimations about the outcome of an event. Thus, sure bet is not possible within a single bookie as the payout percentage is always less than 100%. It differs among the bookies but in general it’s between 80% and 95%. But if you place your bet among several bookmakers on all the possible outcomes of an event, then we might find a sure bet and the payout will be greater than 1 (100%). The range of guaranteed profit with sure bets lies usually between 0.1% and 15%. But, before going for sure bets one must consider the following factors:

• One must have several accounts with many bookies to take advantage over the best odds.
• Not every bookie is reliable and some even operate with low betting limits.
• Since the guaranteed profit is small so one must deposit and bet higher amounts.

What is a Bet Calculator?

Bet calculator is calculators provided in many websites, to calculate the potential winning for any type of bets or rather check the winning bets. The inputs usually required for finding the result of bet are as follows:

• stake
• bet type
• odds (decimal or fractional)
• Terms.

What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange is a betting website where the punters bet against each other. Punters assume the position of the bookies and offer odds on things that are not to happen as well as they bet in the normal way. In this the bets are placed in a slight changed manner from the traditional bookmakers.